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About Us

With the open economy and India's entrance in the Global market, knowledge based industries of the country got a major boost to prove their credential and capability in the world level. One of the major sectors who proved it is IT. It has been targeted as a one of the most growth sector in India. KareerPlus InfoTech started its journey April, 2009 in the spirit of innovation with special focus on education.

With in this short span Kareer plus InfoTech became a leading IT services and solutions provider with long-term partnerships with operators around the country. Our passionate employees and unmatched R&D capabilities enable us to react swiftly and effectively to meet our customers' needs with a comprehensive and customized set of end-to-end solutions and products. Working with our customers, we are committed to enriching people's lives through best services.

KareerPlus InfoTech products, solutions and services are encompassing

  • Internet Portfolio Management(SEO and SEM)
  • Portfolio Branding
  • Short term BPO framework
  • Internet Marketing
  • IT development
  • Designing
  • E-Commerce Architecture

Karee plus InfoTech is continuously working towards improving the ability to innovate based on customers' needs. From the beginning only, it's determined to invest large portion of its revenue into R&D, to stay at forefront of new technologies and breakthroughs.

In addition, KareerPlus has re-structured the organizational framework of our product line, in anticipation of future network convergence and beginning industry transformation. KareerPlus InfoTech provides complete end-to-end solutions in areas including the SEO (Search engine Optimization), Internet Marketing, IT development, Designing.

By focusing on key technologies of the time, KareerPlus InfoTech has formed core technology systems for Client side, Web designing and software design. Also, it currently holds leading positions in areas such as Internet Marketing for the third party client. KareerPlus InfoTech has also become one of the leading Providers in Search Engine Optimization of third party webpage. As a search engine optimization provider, KareerPlus has unique understanding of websites, and how they need to be built to work with search engines. Team of designing experts, developers and effective technical writers work in every website types. KareerPlus rely on expertise and experience of having optimized and improved the rankings of hundreds of websites in many different niches.

KareerPlus are introducing the best R&D management models into our company and strengthening the support to clients. Through the unique Marketing methodology like Bulk Mailing, expert Tele Calling framework, KareerPlus changed development and planning process of the client, and gradually solved challenges involving the effectiveness of decision-making. With the experience gained KareerPlus established a large and sophisticated software engineering management system. KareerPlus also promotes standardized, component-based and platform-specific management in research and development.

KareerPlus believes focusing on customer and serving the clients is the only way to achieve excellence. In Karee plus InfoTech we provide continuous support and guarantee almost universal availability. We also offer innovative monitoring capabilities that our clients use to assess system performance.

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